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I bought a Chromebook. It was $250 and it does everything I need. I’m now writing in Google docs, and surfing the web for information about thoroughbreds and Mexican drug cartels. And how much it costs to fly from Chicago to Lexington, KY, and also how long it takes to drive that if you started in the middle of the night. I can also make a timeline so I don’t forget when my main character went to college on this website called which is free as long as you don’t mind your timeline being public which I don’t because who is seriously going to find it? And if they do, they’ll just think my life includes murdering people.

The Samsung version (3, the one I bought) weighs 2.3 pounds, holds the battery a long long time, fits into a $6.88 neoprene sleeve (wow, I totally forgot how to spell sleeve) and barely gets warm at all. The keyboard is full size, feels a lot like a Macintosh one, which is super nice and very important. The thing fits in a not very large purse.

If I have an idea for something in the book I can be typing it in within 30 seconds, and that includes actually finding the laptop, my son pointed out. We timed it.

This post? I’m typing on a 5 year old Dell I bought for more than 600 that just gave me fits because a control key was stuck down and I couldn’t figure out what happened and I installed Windows 8 on it to keep it running longer… and couldn’t find where the stupid control panel was to see if I’d turned on sticky keys…

Nothing like that has ever happened on my Chromebook. They even took off the CapsLock Key, which I knew about because my brother told me 3 years ago by sending me this Slate article–called Good Riddance.

OH! Google cloud print? Super cool.

I’ve been wanting for years to be done with Microsoft, and I am totally. I’ll hang onto this machine until it dies, so that I can Photoshop my Christmas cards and keep my sturdy Brother HL-5250DN hooked up (so I can print via Google Cloud Print!) but for the most part?

I’m thrilled.

Also, Kroger in Columbus is selling TastyKakes. You’d have to be from Eastern Pennsylvania to know why I stopped and gasped tonight.