Iced Out!

Now Available at Amazon!

Now Available at Amazon!

I have my first review, and it’s my favorite kind: Flattering!

With a witty storyline that has full of nice twists, Iced Out is a light, refreshing and delightful read from Melanie Harvey.


Iced Out is now available at in the Kindle Store. Paperback will come sooner than I got to Nobody’s Hero… I warn you, this is not a romance novel– it’s a novel about thieves. They’re funny thieves, but they’re not falling in love. Well, they are a little, but it’s a slow process. Anyway–my amazing photographer Joe got the pics, my awesome brother did the cover layout, and now we’re up and running.

Henry Clark has been trying to go straight for ten years. He figures that ought to count for something.

When a light-brained friend lucks into an easy score and tries to drag Henry back into his old life, nothing could tempt Henry less. Well, nothing except a wanna-be mafioso with a few well-placed threats, a busted slate roof, an empty savings account, and a militant homeowners’ association president with a vicious attack terrier. And then, there’s a girl. Isn’t there always a girl? But this one only looked innocent on the outside.

Going straight has never been so complicated.

Feel free to buy it and leave me a super flattering review! If you do leave me a review, send me an email to with the link to your review and I’ll send you (when it’s finished) a preview copy of Untold Gold, the next novel I’m writing right now!! (More info on the If You Must Know… page).

  1. Hi Melanie,

    I was reading this story on CC some time back, and then it vanished. Are you still working on it in some form or fashion? It would be too bad if not. I’m a huge fan of capers and I thought you had something good going (obviously since I’m still thinking about it). I see you joined the self-pub ranks, and I’m going to be doing likewise in a few weeks.

    Hope all is well with you!

    • Hey Karl,
      I finished it actually but then it never went anywhere– meaning no bites from agents. So I was thinking about self-publishing it… and now maybe more than before. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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