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I’m Melanie Harvey, a mother of 3 kids, all grown up and out of the house, so it’s a lot quieter now. My youngest and only girl graduated high school this past spring, middle one has struck out on his own but still takes cars apart in my garage and cleans out my gutters. And my oldest is a Petty Officer Third Class Second Class! as of November 2015! He also recently moved to Texas for his second stint in the United States Navy. Yes, I went to Texas for Labor Day 2015. It was a million degrees with 92 percent humidity. No, I’m probably not going back.

I’ve self-published two novels, and yes, you can buy either a cheapo Kindle version or average priced paperback version on Amazon of  Nobody’s Hero (just investigate that top left button up there). Or you can buy the cheap-o Kindle version (yay!) of the next novel, Iced Out: An Abby & Henry Caper (just investigate that second button up there).

Right now I’m working on a second interracial love story (third, really, I guess, if you count Henry & Abby, not sure I do just yet)… This one involves Chicago, Thoroughbreds, Craigslist, gambling, and… oh! Murder! Almost forgot that part. I had this idea not long after I finished Hero, but it didn’t click together until recently, and I’m really happy about that. IF you’d like a free preview copy as soon as I’m done with the first draft, post any honest review of Iced Out on Amazon and email a link to  your review to (I need reviews!) I’ll send you the new novel in whatever e-book format you like as soon as I’m done. (I will be asking you for feedback, but free is still a great deal still, admit it!)

If you have any comments you want to pass along to me, you can also reach me at— or click that big “Contact Me!” button up there. I’m findable other ways too, but if you think you might be too far away for the hollering-out-the-window method, try the internet ways.

And yes, I am seriously white. I even grew up in the suburbs, though I’ve lived a long way from there for 25 years now. A few people have been surprised by that, so I thought I’d clarify. Though someone told me that he thought I was the most creamy white all the way through girl he’d ever met … and then I mentioned Raekwon and Mos Def in the same sentence and he didn’t know what to think anymore.

Keep guessing, that’s my suggestion.

8 thoughts on “If you must know …

  1. Most of us work boring jobs so we can write. Writing certainly doesn’t pay for me and I now realize and accept I will never be John Grisham. I have proclaimed that I will write for the sheer joy of it. No more queries, synopses, rejection POST CARDS, or literary snobbery. I write my books, publish them through my own little publishing company, promote them as much as I want and sell a few. As I told someone else yesterday, I spoke to a bookclub of about 10 ladies who were throughly interested in my books. They referred to me as an author and I didn’t tell them any different. 😉

  2. I totally agree. Lawrence Block said in one of his books that writers rarely have demanding careers– and seem to have a high tolerance for financial instability. I would add, for female writers, a high tolerance for household disorder. 🙂

  3. Don’t know how I missed your website for so long- I know I had read and re read Nobody’s Hero at least ten times so count me as one of those surprise fans by your picture starting Iced out today but am sure will need another infusion some Do you have an ETA for your next book? Also just signed up for your newsletter thanks for a great book

    1. Hey JazzinTea I’m sorry this took me so long to get back. Thank you! And ha! With the picture, love it.
      I need to set a deadline for the next book, so lets say July of 2015? I have a couple classes to get through, but I’ll try to get some self-discipline going.
      I will offer this– A preview as soon as the draft is someone pulled together, for anyone who leaves a review of Iced Out on Amazon. Email me a link to the review and I’ll put you on the free preview list for only the price of your honest feedback! (That goes for everyone, I can’t give away that novel with no reviews!)

      Thanks for your feedback. 🙂 And you’re welcome– I hope Untold Gold is even better than the others. And worth waiting for– We’ll see!

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