Writing with my Son

I think I posted a picture up a while ago of my oldest in his Dress White uniform (uniform opinion from my boy: Itchy. Yeah, he’s ADHD.)

He called a couple of weeks ago to say that he’d been working on a story. Ironically this is a story he started thinking of when my amazing friend Shaunta thought of hers (to be published this summer Viral Nation)… and around my living room, Danny and I were hashing around the time travel aspect. Danny and I have always loved time travel movies– in fact, when he was home at Christmas, we went to see Looper together. I was saving it to see with him.

Danny’s idea about the time travel limitations wasn’t what Shaunta ended up using, which turned out to be an awesome thing, because now, he’s onto his own story. Except he can’t spell or write a single sentence that doesn’t technically contain three sentences inside the capital and the period. He has a great imagination though. It’s that technical part that gets in his way (see above: ADHD and Itchy).

And that’s why he called me. With all my ability to end sentences where they end and punctuate and spell and what have you.

It’s a good story. I like it a lot. We spent two hours on the phone fleshing out the main plotline and now we’re sharing documents in a google drive folder. I don’t know if this is the best way for everyone to remain connected to their military kid, but I’m loving it. Time travel makes your head spin, but that’s good. I was just praying for something to come to mind that night before he called, and this is more than I could have imagined.

Though he’s slowed down a bit this week… so I’m guessing he must have had the reserve unit on the base this weekend because frankly, I’ve been way more productive. 😉


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  1. I love this so much.

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