Slip Sliding Away

If you hear that title as a song in your ears, it probably gives away how old I am–or maybe how old you are? That’s the line my mom used to sing in the car when the wheels would start to spin on the ice. Tonight, as you’ve probably guessed, was my first night to hit the brakes and find that nothing was actually happening, if you were defining “nothing’ as “oh, shit, I’m about to slide off the road and into the side of that building.”

My 16 year old son is not home yet, and I’m thinking of calling him to say please be careful–except for a few things. I’ll list them in the nonsensical way my sister would:
A) He drives more carefully than me most of the time,
and 2) Doesn’t that just sound stupid–do I want to be a ‘duh” mom?
And Finally) I’d probably call while he was driving and him being on the phone with me would completely defeat the point of saying be careful on the ice… while you’re talking to me on the cell phone.

It’s a lose lose situation. (Note: I just now heard his car door and the dogs went running for the front door. Appears that he didn’t need me on this one.)

Speaking of running, I’ve mostly decided to shoot for running a half marathon on May 5 this year– the Cap-City Half it’s called, here in beautiful, scenic, and, best of all, super-flat Columbus, Ohio. Barring injuries or potential flu, I have just enough time to work up to it. My kids think this is totally bad-ass, so it’ll be well worth it. (If you have to run 13.1 miles so your teenagers think you’re cool, you do it, that’s my policy.)

When I say mostly, I mean that I have not yet ponied up the money for the registration. Cash= commitment. So I’ll let you know when I’m committed.


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